The Scott County Indiana Fairgrounds can serve your needs, whether it’s a family reunion, corporate event, or a need for winter storage.

Pricing information is subject to change.

The Saddle Club

$150 per Day

(50x40x8) Max 50 people

Horse Arena

$100 per day/ $150 per day with lights

Merchant Building A

$100 per day

(40×120 with individual booths) 

Merchant Building B

$200 per day


Goat Barn

$100 per day


Hog Barn

$100 per Day


Cattle Barn

$200 per day


Small Animal Barn

$100 per day


Kiwanis Shelter House 

$25 per day


Grounds, Track, and Grandstands

Lions Shelter House 

$25 per day


Horse Stalls 

$20 per stall per day